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Call for Tenure Track Faculty Positions

Construction Materials and/or Building PerformanceThe Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion invites applications for tenure track positions with expertise in


The Division of Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering 

Environmental Biotechnology

- Soil Environmental Chemistry

- Water Resources Systems Management

- Geotechnical engineering and soil/machine interaction

- Geophysical Flows

- Water-Resources and Hydrology


Structural Engineering and Construction Management

- Construction Engineering, Construction Safety, Lean Construction, Construction Project Management, Infrastructure and Sustainable Construction.

- Economics, Innovative Procurement Methods, Corporate and Financial Management, Real Estate, Project Management, Human Resources and Sustainable Construction.

- Geotechnical Engineering

- Structural Engineering

- Design Professor

- Construction Materials and/or Building Performance

- Geotechnical engineering and soil/machine interaction


The Division of Transportation Engineering and Geo-Information

- Transportation Engineering



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