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Yael Dubowski, Associate Professor

Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering
Phone: +972-4-8295899
Fax: +972-4-8228898
Address: Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Haifa 32000, Israel
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Research Interests  
Photochemistry and heterogeneous chemistry in the lower atmosphere.
Environmental chemistry of semivolatile organic pollutants (e.g., pesticides).
Indoor and outdoor air pollution.
Water chemistry


Academic degrees

2001    Ph.D.  Environmental Engineering Science,

                        California Institute of Technology.

1998    M.S.    M.S., Environmental Engineering Science,

                        California Institute of Technology.

1996    M.S.    Institute of Earth Sciences,

                        Hebrew University in Jerusalem.

1993    B.S.    Institute of Earth Sciences,

                        Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


Academic appointments

2012-present: Associated Professor

                         Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion, Israel

2005-2011      Senior lecturer

                         Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Technion, Israel

2004-2005      Assistant Specialist

                         Department of Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, USA

2002-2004      Postdoctoral Scholar

                         Department of Chemistry, University of California, Irvine, USA

2001-2002      Postdoctoral Scholar

                         Department of Earth, Atmosphere and Planetary Science, MIT, USA


Graduate Students




2010 Sivan Class, Removal of heavy metals by their stable incorporation into ferrites at ambient temperature: process development and modeling, and application to wastewater from a plating and galvanization industries.  (Principle advisor Dr. Ori Lahav).

2010 Michal Segal-Rozenhiemer, Environmental Fate of Semi-Volatile Pesticides in the Atmosphere: Implementation of FTIR techniques in the investigation of Heterogeneous Reactions. (Co-Advisor: Dr. Rafi linker)

2010 Lauren Patrick, Interfacial oxidation of common indoor air pollutants: a case study of nicotine and linalool.


2009 Noam Latti,  Special variance in the fraction of soluble organic carbon in aerosols in the Haifa region. (Principle advisor Dr. David Broday).

2009 Baransi Katie, removal of phenolic compounds. (Co-Advisor: Dr. Isam Sabbah)

2010 Liad Derri,  Identification and quantification of odorous compounds in the national Water Carrier and the potential to remove them by activated carbon.

2010  Elina Ofer-Rozovsky, Stabilization of the ferrite crystal as part of a process aimed at heavy metals removal from industrial wastes at ambient temperature (ATFP).

2011  Miriam Khodorkovsky, spatial and temporal distribution of selected pesticide and their derivatives in the streams in the Hula basin.  (Co-advisor Dr. Eran Friedler)

2011  Natalya Vasilkov, Decontamination of nerve agents using in-situ photooxidation.

2012  Alona Svidovsky Adsorption and Desorption Of Environmental Tobacco Smoke (ETS) in Indoor Environment. Expected completion in 2011.

2012  Ohad Zivan Organophosphates in Hula Basin: atmospheric levels, transport, degradation products.

2012  Dotan Charuh - FTIR spectroscopy as a tool for real-time monitoring of isotopically labeled N2O emission from soils.


In progress


2008 Efrat Dinnerman, Multiphase transformation and transport of chlorpyrifos in orchards.  (Principle advisor Prof. Eran Friedler).

2010 Revital Tzolker - Real-time monitoring of N-species isotopes by FTIR spectroscopy; A novel tool to investigate short-term isotope dynamics and N2O formation in soil.  (Principle advisor Prof. Avi Shaviv).

2012 Ohad Zivan - Pesticide drift from agricultural fields - measurements and modeling.

2012 Oz Kira - Usage of Open Path FTIR in passive mode for the detection of toxic aerosols (Principle advisor Prof. Rafi linker)



2010  Roni Greenberg - Removal of THM precursors from drinking water using nanofilteraion.

2011 Adva Arnon - Detection of pesticide spray drift using active Open-Pass FTIR) (co-advisor Prof. Linker)





Publications (Theses)

M.S. (1996) Stable Isotopes Paleolimnology of Lake Kinneret
Ph.D. (2001) Photochemical transformations in Ice; Implications for the fate of chemical species

Publications (Peer-reviewed)

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Publications (Scientific Reports)

2. M. Segal-Rosenheimer, Y. Dubowski, C. Jahn, K. Schֳ₪fer, R.Linker ג€œFeasibility study of detection of hazardous airborne pollutants using passive open-path FTIRג€ SPIE conference proceeding, 2010.
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