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David Broday, Associate Professor

Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering
Phone: +972-4-8293468
Fax: +972-4-8228898
Address: Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Haifa 32000, Israel
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Research Interests  
Exposure to airborne pollutants
Dosimetry of respirable particulate matter
Urban air pollution
Dispersion and fate of air pollutants
Aerosol mechanics

Selected Publications

Wireless distributed environmental sensor networks for air pollution measurement - the promise and the current reality Download
Node-to-node field calibration of wireless distributed air pollution sensor network Download
Improving modeled air pollution concentration maps by residual interpolation. Download
Exposure estimation errors to nitrogen oxides on a population scale due to daytime activity away from home. Download
Liquid-Desiccant Vapor Separation Reduces the Energy Requirements of Atmospheric Moisture Harvesting Download
Aggregated GPS tracking of vehicles and its use as a proxy of traffic-related air pollution emissions Download
Assessment of atmospheric moisture harvesting by direct cooling Download
On the feasibility of measuring urban air pollution by wireless distributed sensor networks Download
Assessment of PM2.5 concentrations over bright surfaces using MODIS satellite observations Download
Data-driven nonlinear optimization of a simple air pollution dispersion model Download
Deposition of fractal-like soot aggregates in the human respiratory tract Download
Spatial analysis of air pollution and cancer incidence rates in Haifa Bay, Israel Download
Studying the time scale dependence of environmental variables predictability using fractal analysis Download
Revealing source signatures in ambient BTEX concentrations Download
The impact of reduced traffic volumes on urban air pollution Download
Allocation of routinely monitored mixing ratios of nitrogen oxides to their sources Download
Asymmetric human lung morphology induce particle deposition variation Download
Deposition of ultrafine particles and gaseous pollutants at carinal ridges of the upper bronchial airways Download
Urban-scale variability of ambient particulate matter attributes Download
Application of cloud dynamics to dosimetry of cigarette smoke particles in the lungs Download
Growth and deposition of respirable hygroscopic particulate matter in the human lungs Download