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Guy Ramon, Assistant Professor

Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering
Phone: +972-4-8292580
Fax: +972-4-8292580
Email: ramong@technion.ac.il
Address: Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Technion - Israel Institute of Technology
Haifa 32000, Israel
Home Page: http://wetlab.net.technion.ac.il/
Research Interests  
Membrane science and technology: Membrane formation; structure – performance characteristics; deposition and fouling; strategies for fouling prevention and control

Biofilms and flow: the interaction of bacteria with interfaces; the interaction of biofilms with their flowing environment

Clean & renewable energy: acoustic conversion of low-grade heat for electricity, cooling and separation; Membrane conversion of salinity gradient power; capacitive, electro-chemical processes for energy conversion


PhD: Environmental Engineering (direct track), Technion, 2010

BSc: Environmental Engineering, Technion, 2003


Selected Publications:

Ramon, G.Z., Huppert, H.E., Lister, J.R., Stone, H.A. (2013) 'On the hydrodynamic

    interaction between a particle and a permeable surface' Physics of Fluids 25, 073103.

Guillen, G.R., Ramon, G.Z., Kavehpour, H.P., Kaner, R.B, Hoek, E.M.V. (2013) 'Direct

    microscopic observation of membrane formation by nonsolvent-induced phase separation'

    Journal of Membrane Science 431, 212-220.

Ramon, G.Z., Hoek, E.M.V. (2013) 'Transport through composite membranes, part 2:

    Roughness and its impact on permeability and fouling' Journal of Membrane Science 426-

    426, 141-148.

Ramon, G.Z., Nguyen, T.V., Hoek, E.M.V. (2013) 'Osmosis-assisted cleaning of seawater

    RO membranes' Chemical Engineering Journal 218, 173-182.

Ramon, G.Z., Wong, M.C.Y, Hoek, E.M.V. (2012) 'Transport through composite membranes,

    part 1: Is there an optimal support membrane?' Journal of Membrane Science 415-416


Ramon, G.Z., Hoek, E.M.V. (2012) 'On the enhanced drag force induced by permeation

    through a filtration membrane' Journal of Membrane Science 392-393, 1-8

Ramon, G.Z., Feinberg, B., Hoek, E.M.V. (2011) 'Membrane-based production of

   salinity gradient power' Energy & Environmental Science 4, 4423-4434.

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