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The Dahlia Greidinger International Symposium March 4-7, 2013

8 November, 2012

The 11th Dahlia Greidinger Memorial Symposium 2013: Advanced methods for investigating nutrient dynamics in soil and ecosystems
Organized and supported by: The Dahlia Greidinger Memorial Fund
and BARD, The United States - Israel Bi-national Agricultural Research and Development Fund
will take place on 4-7 March, 2013 at The Technion-IIT, Haifa, Israel

The main objective of this symposium is to re-examine knowledge gaps and R&D priorities, to better cope with the needs to quantify nutrient dynamics and reaction mechanisms, particularly those of nitrogen and phosphorus in crop/food production systems, with special emphasis on interactions with organic loads/wastes and under possible global changes (warming and/or rainfall/ water scarcities), and the urgent need to assure sustainable crop/food production with minimal environmental threats. Special emphasis will be put on advanced and novel tools and approaches (including those developed in other disciplines) enabling real time/online investigation and quantification of processes and referring to options to observe and model changes at various scales (from nano/micro up to field scale). Tools and methods leading to improved and sustainable utilization of nutrients will be presented and discussed as well.


Further Details:

The 11th Dahlia Greidinger Memorial Symposium 2013 website

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