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Building Materials, Performance & Technology

Modern construction projects include a large variety of new materials, manufactured building components, and complex systems. Today, these elements are carefully planned and designed so as to meet explicitly defined performance requirements, aiming to produce durable structures and buildings that meet a wide spectrum of user and society needs. Aspects affecting the choice of building materials and construction technologies include: strength and integrity over time, fire-safety, moisture safety, climate and acoustic comfort, energy efficiency, durability and sustainability ("green construction").
Research in the area of Building Materials, Performance and Technology deals with scientific, engineering and technological aspects of building materials and the physical performance of constructed facilities within the range of these aspects.
The courses offered in the graduate study program expand the scientific and engineering knowledge needed for the different stages of construction projects and for development of new materials and technologies.
This knowledge is implemented during the selection, designing and inspection of materials and construction components, in the drawing up of construction details, in the analysis and design of the technological aspects of the execution and in the process of preserving, renovating and upgrading existing buildings.

Degrees Offered

The following list presents and reflects as far as possible what appears in detail in the Technion catalogue. The exact list of required supplementary courses and the full details are provided in the updated catalogue of the Irwin Jacob Graduate School of Studies.


Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Building Materials, Performance and Technology)

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Building Materials, Performance and Technology)

PhD - Doctor of Philosophy


Affiliated  research institute

The National Building Research Institute


For further details:

The Division of Structural Engineering and Construction Management

Division Head: Prof. Sam Frydman

Division Secretary: Mrs. Nira Coda

Tel: 04-8292322; Fax: 04-8293323 e-mail:

Academic Staff

Name Rank Division Email Phone
Katz Amnon Associate Professor Structural Engineering and Construction Management +972-4-8293124
Kovler Konstantin Associate Professor Structural Engineering and Construction Management +972-4-8292971
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