Data-Based Insights Suggest Transportation for the Future Without Private Cars Professor Emeritus Avishai (Avi) Ceder, of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion, proposes decision-makers consider synchronized
This study describes an agent-based modeling framework for COVID-19 spreading at celebration events such as weddings. The model predicts the probabilities of people infected due to their participation in events
פיתוח מערכת עצמאית המפיקה מים מהאוויר גם באזורים מדבריים H2OLL” was selected as the winner of the SMEs Award at Water Innovation Europe 2021. Water Europe is the recognized voice
פיתוח טכנולוגיה לאיתור הנגיף ברשת הביוב – פרויקט טכניון פתוח ובטוח אחד האתגרים הגדולים שמציבה מגפת הקורונה בפני הרשויות היא איתור מוקדם של מוקדי הדבקה וקטיעתו של מעגל ההדבקה. אף
 Flow parameters Characterization at the bottom of a stream In the first stage a sequence of waterfall and pool pairs were created by a high flow flow simulating flood conditions.
Feasibility study for calculating particle flux Experimentation proof of feasibility for calculating particle flux by measuring suspended matter concentrations combined with flow velocity. The image shows a diver releasing a
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