Structural Engineering

Modern technological developments and the variety of challenges that structural engineers are facing today necessitate an extended knowledge base, special skills, and higher levels of expertise. The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering offers graduate studies towards the Master’s (MSc and ME) and Doctor’s (PhD) degrees in the various fields of structural engineering. A direct Doctorate track is offered to students with exceptional undergraduate achievements. An ME (Master in Engineering) track without a thesis is offered to practicing structural engineers who wish to extend their knowledge and improve their professional skills.

The programs are open to graduates of the Faculty’s Structural Engineering division and to their counterparts from other universities in Israel and overseas. Extended scholarships and financial support, including an opportunity of employment as teaching or research assistants, are offered to outstanding research students.

The teaching and supervisory staff are members of the division of structural engineering as well as visiting professors from leading universities and research centers all over the world.  Classes are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The curriculum includes courses in advanced structural mechanics, computational aspects in structural mechanics and finite element analysis, design and construction of advanced infrastructures, nonlinear and dynamic behavior of structures, stability, optimization, and earthquake design. Advanced courses on design of reinforced and prestressed concrete structures; steel structures; bridges; and high rises are also offered. Experimental research is mainly conducted at the laboratories and testing facilities of the National Building Research Institute.

The graduate program is a challenging and stimulating one, and takes young researchers and engineers a meaningful step forward in the development of mature professional and scientific skills and expertise.

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Graduate Studies at the Division of Structural Engineering and Construction Management
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