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B.Sc. in Civil Engineering – Transportation Engineering

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering (Specialization in Transportation Engineering)

The B.Sc. program in Civil Engineering trains engineers whose focus will be on civil infrastructure. The program provides a broad training that includes studies in structures and construction management, transportation, and water resources. It also offers the option to specialize in one of two areas: Transportation Engineering or Water Engineering. The courses in this program provide a general and wide-ranging foundation, allowing students to be registered civil engineers, and also as either transportation or water engineers, depending on their chosen specialization. The specialization can be chosen by the student by the end of the third semester of studies.

The Transportation Engineering Specialization trains engineers in various transportation subjects, such as road and pavement design and operations, transportation planning, public transportation, traffic engineering and road safety.

The curriculum is designed to provide the tools and skills required by transportation engineers in a changing world with an emphasis on creating a sustainable environment. It includes basic civil engineering subjects and more advanced courses in transportation, operations research, and urban planning. In the basic civil engineering studies, students learn courses in the fields of structural engineering, construction management, construction materials, environmental sciences and water resources. The wide range of transportation courses offered are meant to provide the multi-disciplinary knowledge and skills that are required by practicing transportation engineers facing great technological changes.

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