Undergraduate Programs

Civil Engineering: Water Engineering
The engineers leading the change in the design, development, and implementation of the country's water
Civil Engineering: : Transportation Engineering
Training Engineers with specialization in various transportation subjects
הנדסת ניהול ובנייה
Management and Construction Engineering
Project managers engineers learning to responsibility plan, execute and coordinate complex construction projects.
הנדסת בנייה
Structural Engineering
Structural engineering is a challenging, leading industry with high demand for engineers.
מיפוי וגיאו-אינפורמציה
Mapping and Geo-Info Engineering
The field forms the basis for modern systems for mapping, managing and developing infrastructure.
הנדסת סביבה
Environmental Engineering
Environmental Engineering deals with the most essential resources. A field that is accelerating in recent
Environmental Engineering
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What is Civil and Environmental Engineering?

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering is the meeting point between stability, innovation and creativity.

Civil and Environmental Engineering is the backbone of all the infrastructure needed for daily existence in the country and environment in which we live. Our graduate engineers are engaged in the research, execution, management and supervision of a wide range of infrastructure systems such as transportation, water, construction projects, mapping and analysis, and environmental sustainability.

Studies in Civil and Environmental Engineering are based on a solid scientific foundation in the subjects of physics, mathematics and chemistry. During the studies, students form a strong connection between the theoretical knowledge and the practice in the field. The studies are practical, in-depth and combine a large variety of areas of knowledge. The graduates – Civil and Environmental Engineers – are today at all managerial and executive levels in the public and private sectors and are key people in the planning and implementation of projects that leave a great mark on Israel and the world.