Peter Neumann

, Emer. Prof.
Professor Emeritus

Pioneered the use of silicon based surfactants for increasing the ability of spray solutions of agricultural chemicals to wet and penetrate plant surfaces; these are now widely used in agricultural practice. Other more basic research concerns aspects of phyto-remediation and the biophysical, biochemical and molecular regulation of growth and development, particularly in agricultural plants under drought, salinity or mineral nutrient stress. Showed that rapid (within minutes) reductions in the mechanical extensibility of expanding root or leaf cell-walls, can be a primary growth inhibitory response to environmental stresses in some cereal species. More recently, we revealed the localized involvement of changes in gene expression, wall acidification and deposition of wall linked phenolics in regulating root cell wall extensibility and root growth responses to water stress in maize. Some overlooked interactions between plant water relations and the inorganic or organic nanoparticles in the external and internal environments of plants, are currently under investigation.


  • Neumann PM. Investigations into the carbon metabolism and growth inhibition of sulphate reducing bacteria. M.Sc 1967.
  • Neumann PM. Studies on the incorporation of phosphate into high molecular weight compounds and its relation to auxin induced growth. Ph.D 1970.


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