Uri Shavit

, professor
Head of Environment Water and Agriculture Division

Our research group studies transport phenomena in complex, mostly porous, environments. The laboratory, field, and theoretical studies include applications of volume averaging theories, the development of mean flow models, an analysis of solute and particle dispersion, and topics in soil physics, hydrology and biogeochemical processes in streambeds and soils. We use PIV and PLIF in the lab and in the field including a new underwater PIV system for coral reef flow research.

Journal papers

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Academic Degrees

1987 –  B.Sc. Technion-IIT
1990 –  M.Sc. Technion-IIT
1994 – Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)


Current Courses

Physics of porous medium,
Introduction to flow, transport and pollution in soils,
Introduction to Hydraulics and Hydrology,
Irrigation Engineering 1,
Turbulence – a reading club


Current Graduate Students

Sharon Moltchanov: Momentum and mass transfer above and through porous regions
Tomer Duman: Flow and Particle transport at porous media interfaces
Ravid Rosenzweig: The effect of biofilms on the hydraulic properties of unsaturated soils


Hannah Bardin: The Role of Soil Drying on the Use of Oxygen Isotopes in Groundwater Research
Shushanna Kington: An Examination of the Isotope Pairing Techniques Using Numerical Simulations of Nitrogen Processes in Sediments