Ecological Garden

The ecological garden extends over approximately 20 dunams (1000 sq. m.), near the Faculty of Civil 34and Environmental Engineering on the Technion campus.

The garden’s landscape presents a combination of natural and planted Mediterranean woods, acclimated nooks for plants, an orchard of fruit trees and a pool. The garden comprises different areas displaying an assortment of ecological systems, environments and habitats, which visitors can visit on their own or in organized groups (pre-schoolers, schools, students etc.).

The garden constitutes an educational environmental center in which ecology and the environment can 35be studied and researched.

Educational tours and workshops deal with topics such as green construction, recycling and waste treatment, preservation of nature and biological multiplicity, habitats and environments, water pollution and sewage treatment, and water and energy saving.

The garden was established in 1982 through the initiative of Prof. Zeev Nave of the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering, and with the support of the then President of the Technion, Mr. Amos Horev.

The area upon which the garden lies was up to then a dumping ground, very spoiled and uncultivated.

Prof. Ron Loyvinger, a landscape architect from Eugene University in Oregon, who was a guest lecturer at the Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning many times, planned the rehabilitation of the garden’s area. In doing this work, he researched and tested the appropriateness of many plants from Israel and around the world, in keeping with ecological principles, and also addressing two of Israel’s central environmental problems: water shortage and reduction of open areas.