Management and Construction

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering – Management and Construction

The program intends to educate skilled professionals, who become leaders with a consummate mix of management and engineering know-how, engaged in key decision making and dealing with the large range of engineering activities involved in the process of executing building projects.
Realizing an advanced construction project is a continuous professional challenge requiring the team work of engineers from different fields at all stages of management, construction and supervision. At the top of the pyramid, the responsibility for the entire construction project devolves on the senior engineers who serve both as project managers and planning and construction coordinators.
Because of the uniqueness of each single project, which can never be identical to any other one, management and coordination of a construction project and quality control of the work and processes are essentially different from management and coordination of production processes in an industrial plant.
In effect, each construction project is the sole prototype of a new and complex product.
Modern projects include buildings with hi-tech systems and intelligent control, skyscrapers and very large buildings, as well as infrastructure projects involving all types of civil engineering. Projects are increasingly becoming more and more complex – management, coordination, construction and supervision are a logistical and intellectual challenge, continually attended by joy of creation and requiring broad knowledge in the fields of science, engineering, technology, management and human relations.
The modern construction activity is characterized by efficient planning of the construction process, addressing stringent time tables and defined resources, and accelerated application of new materials, advanced and industrialized technologies and new construction methods. The construction industry requires engineers with scientific and technological know-how on the highest level.
The “Management and Construction” track trains engineers whose primary field of expertise would be construction management and execution involving advanced materials and technology, with a focus on the performance of structures, buildings and their systems.
The range of knowledge required to execute assignments related to construction processes is growing in alongside with the expansion and complexity of projects and the technological advancements of the construction industry.
The program, accordingly, ensures that its graduates have broad and deep knowledge in the dimensions of management and technologies involved in realizing a project, alongside a good understanding of design issues.
The study program concentrates on and delves into the technological, managerial and functional fields of construction, while providing students with an overall basic background in all the civil and environmental engineering fields and in the advanced scientific tools that assist the engineer in his/her work.


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