Technion is the leading science and technology university in Israel. Its mission is to be among the best in24 the world in two areas:

  • developing leading-edge technologies
  • educating engineers and scientists to be the leaders in implementing state-of-the-art know-how in Israel, to assure its independence, security, wellbeing and economic growth.
    This, in turn, is derived from the Technion’s vision:


A science and technology research university, among the world’s top ten, dedicated to the creation of knowledge and the development of human capital and leadership, for the advancement of the State of Israel and all humanity.


This vision has guided the Technion throughout its history. Over the years, the various departments that were developed responded to the needs of the country, as well as to international scientific and technological developments. The Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering were among the first academic departments at the Technion, reflecting the role of construction and settlement of Eretz Israel as the highest priority for establishing the Zionist vision, setting the borders for the modern State of Israel and creating the infrastructures needed for its development and growth. Through the years, the two Faculties met the challenges successfully. The Faculty of Civil Engineering was chosen as one of the top 10 departments worldwide in a recent evaluation by an international academic committee. Both faculties have taken a leadership role in Israel in the design and implementation of national projects in civil engineering and agriculture. These two Faculties were merged in 2002 into the new Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering to leverage the synergy between the two in order to meet the new challenges of sustainable development.