Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering

At 1st of October 2002 the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering merged with the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering and presently it is a part of the Division of Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering. Following the merger, the division has 25 staff members. Consequently the new unit has increased the number of courses and research subjects.

The new division offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses related to environment including basic courses in mathematics, chemistry, physics and biology (given by other Technion Faculties). Undergraduate studies are planned towards several study tracks: B.E. in Environmental Engineering (Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering), B.E. in Environmental Engineering (Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering together with other Faculties at Technion). M.Sc. graduate studies are planned towards the following tracks: M.Sc. in Civil Engineering Sciences (Hydrodynamics and Water Resources), M.Sc. in Engineering and Water Resources Management Sciences, M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering Sciences (for B.E. in Engineering), M.Sc. in Environmental Quality Sciences (for B.A. in sciences), M.Sc. in Environmental Engineering (track without Thesis for B.E.). Ph.D. studies in all expert areas of the division staff members.

The Division has an extensive spectrum of research subjects related to environment and agriculture supervised by staff members. Its main research subjects are: water supply systems and their quality; decontamination and treatment of water; decontamination and treatment of wastewater and reuse; special treatment of industrial wastes; environmental implications of effluent reuse in unrestricted irrigation, fish ponds and industry; environmental aspects of artificial islands; solid waste treatment; environmental microbiology and biocorrosion problems; environmental biotechnology and its use in decontamination of hazardous chemicals; wind engineering and wind influence on environmental quality and constructions; atmospheric flow system and pollutants movement in the Mediterranean Sea area including models and simulations; remote sensing of pollutants in air; aerosols and their distribution in the environment; hydraulics and hydrodynamics; hydraulic engineering and models; hydrology of ground water, runoff and pollutants; hydrological models for pollutants movement; rehabilitation of polluted soils and aquifers; soil chemistry and interaction with contaminants; biological systems for polluted water decontamination; plant ecology and environment; chemistry of filtration and disinfection; use of GPS in environmental and ecological systems; environmental pollutants detection; oil reservoirs engineering; coastal and marine engineering; construction climatology; water resources and supply systems management; optimal planning and function of water resources; planning and management of water reservoirs; quality control for agricultural machinery.


The major research activities of the Department

In each field a list of the specific subjects of activity is presented. In most cases, each faculty member conducts research in more than one area.

Research activities of our division are performed under the umbrella of several centers:

The first three Centers are responsible for research funds and supply of essential services required for advance research. The WRI is an exception being a national institute with broad research system and various bodies (research & equipment committees, water database library, etc.).


Environmental and Water Resources Engineering research center laboratories

Agricultural Engineering research center laboratories




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The Division of Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering

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