The Faculty members are highly active on the international scene, in which many of them hold key positions in international organizations and serve on the editorial boards of key scientific journals. The high international profile of the Faculty was clearly reflected in the report of the International Academic Evaluation Committee, which ranked the Faculty of Civil Engineering amongst the top 10 departments worldwide.

Within the scope of the mission to make an impact on the Israeli infrastructure, the Faculty members are highly active in a variety of modes and links with government, public and business entities, with the object of having greater leverage in developing and implementing new technologies in the huge infrastructure projects currently underway in Israel. The implementation in Israel of new technologies, developed at the Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering, could provide an efficient beta-site (experimental location where new ideas are first tried), which can potentially be used as a leverage for technology transfer on an international scale. This research & development and implementation effort is driven by the Research Institutes and Centers active within the Faculty and by the graduate students (Master and Doctor) who are pursuing their research within these institutes and centers.

Special outreach efforts are directed to various communities in Israel. Continuing education programs have been developed for the engineering community in areas such as construction management and road safety, and new activities, such as quality control and assurance are on their way. Attention is given to links with the community at large, especially in the area of environment and ecology education of the public, and for that purpose, an ecological garden was developed within the boundary of the Faculty buildings, which is open to the public and serves as a focal point of organized visits of schools & individuals, as well as offering special workshops.