The Renewed Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering

In order to meet these challenges there is a need to take action in a variety of disciplines, such as construction efficiency and safety, transportation, water management and preservation, energy efficiency, air quality control, preservation of land, natural resources & ecological assets, and to manage the integration between them. The Faculty of Civil Engineering and the Faculty of Agricultural Engineering have been driven in the last two decades by the need for environmental and ecological conservation in these disciplines, to generate new technologies and human skills, and to provide tools for sustainable development. Within this context, agriculture is perceived as an environmental asset and tool. In view of the increasing need for know-how and expertise in the variety of disciplines driven by sustainability issues, the Technion took action to merge these two faculties into a new Civil & Environmental Engineering Faculty. Within the scope of this change, steps were taken to develop a unique  modern curriculum and research agenda to meet 21st century needs.

The new faculty is now driven by a revised vision and new mission:


  • Maintain and enhance the leading  position of the Faculty of Civil & Environmental Engineering amongst the top ten departments in the world.
  • Position the Faculty as the national center for research & development  and human resources for the sustainable development of the national infrastructure of Israel.


  • To develop cutting edge technologies and skilled professionals for national infrastructure planning and construction and be pro-active in leading the implementation of state-of-the-art know-how in massive national projects driven by the new vision and the Master Plan of the State of Israel.