Raphael Linker

Raphael Linker
Associate Professor
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Haifa 32000, Israel

Academic degrees


2000 – Ph.D.    Failure detection and isolation in greenhouses. Faculty of Agricultural Engineering. Technion-IIT, Haifa, Israel

1995 – M.Sc.   Simultaneous CO2 enrichment and ventilation of greenhouses. Faculty of Agricultural Engineering. Technion-IIT, Haifa, Israel

1990 – Diplôme d’Ingénieur Civil.   Faculty of Electro-Mechanical Engineering. Brussels Free University.


Academic appointments


08/2014-02/2015: Sabbatical leave at Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of California Davis (CA, USA)

2011-Present:           Associate Professor. Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Technion

2005-2011:               Senior Lecturer. Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Technion.

2002-2005:               Post-Doctorate. Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Technion.

2001-2002:               Post-Doctorate. Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering. Cornell University.

2000-2001:               Research Associate. Faculty of Agricultural Engineering. Technion.


Graduate students


Completed Theses (Ph.D.)


  1. Segal Y. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic fouling of ultrafiltration membranes for wastewater treatment. (S.A.: Dosoretz, C.).
  2. Segal-Rozenhaimer M. Environmental fate of semivolatile pesticides in the atmosphere: Implementation of FTIR techniques in the investigation of heterogeneous reactions. (P.A.: Dubowski Y.).
  3. Bamberger E. Combined use of ERT and vadoze zone flow modeling for improved estimation of soil water content. (S.A.: Furman, A.).
  4. Kira, O. Monitoring of aerosols by open-path FTIR. (S. A.: Dubowski, Y.).
  5. Rinot, O. Improved prediction of nitrogen mineralization processes in soils. (P. A.: Shaviv, A.).
  6. Tardi-Ovadia R. Development of a method for detection and identification of the phyto-pathogens Helminthosporium solani and Colletotrichum coccodes on Solanum tuberosum. (S. A.: Tsor, L.).


Completed Theses (M.Sc.)


  1. David-Horowitz V. Assessment of fruit mealiness. (Principal Advisor: Shmulevich I.)
  2. Borenstein A. Direct determination of nitrate in agricultural soils using FTIR/ATR spectroscopy. (Secondary Advisor: Shaviv A.)
  3. Wiener M. Reduction of soil interference in the direct-determination of nitrate by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy. (S.A.: Shaviv A.)
  4. Blass T. Navigation algorithm for autonomous vehicle operating in orchards. (S.A.: Shmulevich I.).
  5. Scholnik R. Shrouded turbine control in ‘Energy Tower’. (S.A.: Guetta R.).
  6. Agmail, W. MIMO control of temperature and humidity inside greenhouses cooled by fogging systems. (S.A.: Arbel A.).
  7. Elkabetz M. Fusion of non-destructive methods for quality assessment of apples. (P.A.: Shmulevich I.).
  8. Kushnir, V. Development of an artificial vision system for real-time estimation of cow breathing rate.
  9. Nenner U. Control of single track robotic vehicle. (S.A.: Gutman P.O.).
  10. Hammami, H. Detection of defects and diseases in citrus and mango fruits based on hyperspectral imaging system.
  11. Orlov, Y. Investigation of eggshell crack propagation and eggshell strength parameters. (S.A.: Spektor, B.)
  12. Alony, A. Imaging of spatial and temporal bio-chemical variations in the rhizosphere zone by laser induced auto-fluorescence.
  13. Kira, O. New measuring method combining FTIR-ATR spectroscopy and stable isotopes to investigate the kinetics of nitrogen transformations in soils. (S.A.: Shaviv, A.).
  14. Lousky, M. Integration of a plant model in a greenhouse decision support system.
  15. Dromi, I. Detection of underground spaces using BOTDR (P.A.: Klar, A.)
  16. Nachum, M. Trajectory planning and guidance of a robotic arm for tree pruning. (S.A.: Gutman, S.).
  17. Nir, O. Modeling of tree structure using robotic arm for pruning.
  18. Shaked, M. Combination of coarse and fine visual servoing control for a polar precision sprayer.
  19. Tune, M. BOTDR base system for automated detection of sinkhole formation. (S. A.: Klar, A.)
  20. Dekel-Ben Yaakov, V. Stress detection in plants by thermic hyperspectral sensor SPECIM LWIR. (S. A.: Alchantis, V.).


Theses in Progress (Ph.D.)


  1. Orlov, Y.Non-destructive optical measurements for in-situ incvestiagtoin of 'Golden Delicious' apple development from petal fall till the end of June drop. (S.A.: Spektor, B.).


Theses in Progress (M.Sc.)


  1. Herrmann, S. Leakage-induced pipeline stressing. (P. A.: Klar, A.). Thesis submitted.
  2. Jamal, A. Utilizing probabilistic weather forecasting for optimal irrigation scheduling. (S.A.: Housh, M., Haifa Univ.). Thesis submitted.
  3. Levavi, I. (Haifa Univ.).  Sensors-based irrigation of greenhouse tomatoes (S.A.: Greenbaum, N., Haifa Univ.). Expected graduation July 2017.