Raphael Linker

Raphael Linker
Associate Professor
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Haifa 32000, Israel

Academic degrees


2000 – Ph.D.    Failure detection and isolation in greenhouses. Faculty of Agricultural Engineering. Technion-IIT, Haifa, Israel

1995 – M.Sc.   Simultaneous CO2 enrichment and ventilation of greenhouses. Faculty of Agricultural Engineering. Technion-IIT, Haifa, Israel

1990 – Diplôme d’Ingénieur Civil.   Faculty of Electro-Mechanical Engineering. Brussels Free University.


Academic appointments


08/2014-02/2015: Sabbatical leave at Faculty of Biological and Agricultural Engineering, University of California Davis (CA, USA)

2011-Present:           Associate Professor. Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Technion

2005-2011:               Senior Lecturer. Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Technion.

2002-2005:               Post-Doctorate. Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Technion.

2001-2002:               Post-Doctorate. Department of Biological and Environmental Engineering. Cornell University.

2000-2001:               Research Associate. Faculty of Agricultural Engineering. Technion.


Graduate students

Completed Theses (Ph.D.)

2009. Segal, Y. Qualitative and quantitative analysis of organic fouling of ultrafiltration membranes for wastewater treatment. (Secondary Advisor: Dosoretz, C.).
2010. Segal-Rozenhaimer, M. Environmental fate of semivolatile pesticides in the atmosphere: Implementation of FTIR techniques in the investigation of heterogeneous reactions. (Primary Advisor: Dubowski, Y.).
2011. Bamberger, E. Combined use of ERT and vadoze zone flow modeling for improved estimation of soil water content. (S.A.: Furman, A.).
2016. Kira, O. Monitoring of aerosols by open-path FTIR. (S. A.: Dubowski, Y.).
2017. Rinot, O. Improved prediction of nitrogen mineralization processes in soils. (P. A.: Shaviv, A.).
2017. Tardi-Ovadia, R. Development of a method for detection and identification of the phyto-pathogens Helminthosporium solani and Colletotrichum coccodes on Solanum tuberosum. (S. A.: Tsror, L.).

Completed Theses (M.Sc.)

2004. David-Horowitz V. Assessment of fruit mealiness. (P. A.: Shmulevich, I.).
2006. Borenstein A. Direct determination of nitrate in agricultural soils using FTIR/ATR spectroscopy. (S. A.: Shaviv, A.).
2006. Wiener, M. Reduction of soil interference in the direct-determination of nitrate by ATR-FTIR spectroscopy. (S.A.: Shaviv, A.).
2008. Blass, T. Navigation algorithm for autonomous vehicle operating in orchards. (S.A.: Shmulevich, I.).
2008. Scholnik, R. Shrouded turbine control in ‘Energy Tower’. (S.A.: Guetta, R.).
2009. Agmail, W. MIMO control of temperature and humidity inside greenhouses cooled by fogging systems. (S.A.: Arbel, A.).
2009. Elkabetz, M. Fusion of non-destructive methods for quality assessment of apples. (P.A.: Shmulevich, I.).
2009. Kushnir, V. Development of an artificial vision system for real-time estimation of cow breathing rate.
2009. Nenner, U. Control of single track robotic vehicle. (S.A.: Gutman, P.O.).
2011. Hammami, H. Detection of defects and diseases in citrus and mango fruits based on hyperspectral imaging system.
2011. Orlova, Y. Investigation of eggshell crack propagation and eggshell strength parameters. (S.A.: Spektor, B.).
2012. Alony, A. Imaging of spatial and temporal bio-chemical variations in the rhizosphere zone by laser induced auto-fluorescence.
2012. Kira, O. New measuring method combining FTIR-ATR spectroscopy and stable isotopes to investigate the kinetics of nitrogen transformations in soils. (S.A.: Shaviv, A.).
2012. Lousky, M. Integration of a plant model in a greenhouse decision support system.
2014. Dromi, I. Detection of underground spaces using BOTDR (P. A.: Klar, A.).
2014. Nachum, M. Trajectory planning and guidance of a robotic arm for tree pruning. (S.A.: Gutman, S.).
2014. Nir, O. Modeling of tree structure using robotic arm for pruning.
2014. Shaked, M. Combination of coarse and fine visual servoing control for a polar precision sprayer.
2014. Tune, M. BOTDR based system for automated detection of sinkhole formation. (S. A.: Klar, A.)
2015. Dekel-Ben Yaakov, V. Stress detection in plants by thermic hyperspectral sensor SPECIM LWIR. (S. A.: Alchantis, V.).
2017. Jamal, A. Utilizing probabilistic weather forecasting for optimal irrigation scheduling. (S.A: Housh, M., Haifa Univ.).
2017. Herrmann, S. Leakage-induced pipeline stressing. (P. A.: Klar, A.).
2018. Levavi, I. (Haifa Univ.). Sensors-based irrigation of greenhouse tomatoes (S.A.: Greenbaum, N., Haifa Univ.).

Theses in Progress (Ph.D.)

2015. Orlova, Y. Non-destructive optical measurements for in-situ investigation of "Golden Delicious" apple development from petal fall till the end of June drop. (S.A.: Spektor, B.).
2017. Jamal, A. A framework for improving the predictions of crop growth models using real-time measurements.

Theses in Progress (M. Sc.)

2016. Gips, E. A quality wine making oriented dynamic model of the growth of Vitis Vinifera.

2017. Stein, Y. Stability control of a two-wheeled vehicle.
2018. Edlerman, E. Autonomous multi-robot system for use in vineyards and orchards.