The faculty has a wide range of academic activities: seven different study tracks leading to a bachelor’s degree, Master’s and Doctoral and research programs.

We consider it very important to maintain and nurture our relationship with the faculty graduates, most of whom hold senior positions in the Israeli economy. Thanks to these warm ties, we gain fruitful collaborations with industry and other foreign parties in areas such as the annual employment fair that takes place at the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering every year and presents many employment opportunities, in a variety of scholarship factories and awards of excellence and more.

Safety Hackathon in Construction
Hackathon - learning in a different style
Employment Fair
The demand for workers in the field is so great that we have created a faculty fair in addition to the Technion General Fair
Extraction of water from the air
A system that can provide drinking water from the air even in desert areas
Yaniv Spatnitzki
Graduate of the faculty and CEO and owner of Etz HaShaked
Idan Lev
Graduate of the management and construction track, director of infrastructure projects
Dr. Uri Lerner
Graduate of the Environmental Engineering program. Professional director of the Madat Association
Boaz Keenan
Graduate of the Environmental Engineering program. Head of the Process Department at Fluence
Lior Eshed
Graduate of the Environmental Engineering program. Product Development Manager IDE
Roni Halamish
Graduate of the Water Engineering program. Head of Afik Environmental Engineering and Hydraulics company
Doron Miller
Graduate of Management and Construction. Area manager at Danya Cebus
Avital Chen
Civil engineer, graduate of the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Blind Pedestrians Route Calculation
A mapping system developed at the Environmental Crowdsourcing Lab increases the independence of blind people in the urban space
Towards the opening of Liviatan rig
Exposure to carcinogens is a statistical matter
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