Graduate Studies

Mapping and Geo-Information
Mapping and geo-information is an interdisciplinary field of the exact sciences.
Transportation Engineering
Pursues knowledge needed to plan, set up, maintain and manage efficient and safe transportation systems
Agricultural Engineering
Ground, water and irrigation engineering, The mechanics of agricultural, Sensors and control
Environmental Engineering
deals with technologies for the reduction of pollution and the prevention of a deterioration in
Water Resources & Hydraulic Engineering
Israel is at the forefront of technology related to the intelligent use of water, research
area of engineering that focuses on earth, rock and subterranean water and their relation to
Building Materials, Performance & Technology
Modern construction projects include a large variety of new materials, manufactured building components, and complex
Construction Management
Engineering skill in managerial, economic, business, planning and legal fields.
Structural Engineering
Modern technological developments and the variety of challenges that structural engineers are facing today
Structural Engineering
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