Mapping and Geo-Information

Mapping and geo-information is an interdisciplinary field of the exact sciences. It primarily concerns with geo-location and positioning on the earth, planets, and in space, and in generating, analyzing, and processing of spatial information.

Mapping and geo-information engineering constitutes the basis for modern mapping systems, for navigation, exact intelligence and control systems, for management and development of transportation, telecommunication, and energy infrastructures, and for the gaming industry.

The availability of digital geographic data, combined with modern systems and web services , has turned spatial information into a corner stone of information technology applications, see Google earth, as only one example.

The importance geographic information is also expressed in both the fields of information distribution as well as in designated applications that revolve about modern geographic data.

These types of developments are carried out today through mapping and geo-information engineers in high-tech companies in Israel and around the world.

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Graduate Studies - Mapping and Geo-Information
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