Agricultural Engineering

Students enrolled in the graduate studies program (MSc and PhD) within the Agricultural Engineering track acquire knowledge through the courses they take, by applying research methodologies to real-world issues, and by engaging in the evaluation, analysis and presentation of information. The specific areas of knowledge are dependent on the research subject and its particular nature. Some examples include: modeling and simulation, measurement and control, image processing, signals, information and decision making.


Agricultural engineering graduate students can choose to specialize in the following areas:

  • Ground, water and irrigation engineering
  • The mechanics of agricultural, biological and environmental systems
  • The quality of open environments
  • Controlled and mechanized agriculture
  • Sensors and control in agricultural, biological and environmental systems
  • Management of agricultural systems and natural resources
  • Biological materials engineering and natural resources
  • Quality assurance of agricultural and biological products
  • Ecological systems


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Graduate Studies at the The Division of Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering
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