Soil and Environmental Physical-Chemistry: N-dynamics, P-dynamics – modeling; processes (effluent irrigation);

Environmentally friendly & advanced fertilization approaches, CRFs development;

FTIR spectroscopy & Stable N-isotopes to investigate N-transformations & NOx Emissions; Availability Indices of N under effluent irrigation or solid-waste/ manure application


B.Sc. – 1972;   Chemistry, M.Sc. – 1974, Physical Chemistry Hebrew Uni. Jerusalem, Cum Laude.

D.Sc. – 1982, Soil Science, Agricultural Eng. Technion

Recent Positions: 2015-07-2016: Academic Recruitment Comm. – Guangdong Technion Israel Inst. of Technology – GTIIT (Technion campus, Guangdong, China); 2012-2014: Director of Grand Water Research Institute – GWRI;  2007-2011:  Head Dept. of Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering;(CEE; Technion-IIT).

Guided >30 MSc and 9 PhD, 6 Post-docs; (Link; Published >85 articles in international journals and presented in more than 70 international meetings (>35 as invited speaker). Teaching: “Intro. to Soil Chemistry”; “Soil Chemistry, Agrochemicals and Pollution” and “Use of treated wastewater”.

Selected Professional Nominations– Member of TAC -Technical Advisory US-IL Comm. – BARD (2003 – 2007 and 2016); Chair of Steering Comm. for:  1. “Effluent Utilization in Agriculture”;  2. “Efficient use of Water” (Nominated by the Chief Scientist – Ministry of Agric.2005-2007); Chair of the “Water Forum” – Shamuel Neeman Institute-Technion; Nominated Scientific Israeli delegate at the EU-FP7 “Environment and Global Warming Committee” (2009-2012); Adjunct Professor in the School of Agriculture and Biosciences of Karunya University, India (2017-2019).


SELECTED  PUBLICATIONS  (graduates underlined)

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Invited/Plenary Talks: International Meetings (selected last decade)

  • “The Nitrogen cycle in Israeli agro-ecosystems”; DIARP workshop on “The Application of Novel Isotopic Methods for the Identification and Quantification of Nitrous Oxide Emission Pathways from Agro-Ecosystems”, Altera, Wageningen, The Netherlands March 2007.
  • “Sustainable Re-use of Reclaimed Wastewater in Agriculture – Current Experience and Future Challenges”. WaterTech Central Asia: The 1st Central Asian International Water Technology Exhibition and Conference. Almaty, Kazakhstan, September 2008.
  • “Sustainable re-use of reclaimed wastewater – The Israeli Experience”. Yangling International Agri-Science Forum, Northwest A&F University, Shaanxi Province, China, November 2009. – “Sustainable re-use of reclaimed wastewater for irrigation – The Israeli Experience”; Special Invited Presentation at School of Natural Resources, DOUC Universita Catolica, Santiago, Chile, 7-10-2013.
  •  “Options for Confronting Water Security and Food Scarcity Challenges in a World of Climate Change and Land and Water Resources Degradation”;  International Seminar- Uso Racional de Aqua – Rational Use of Water; Universidad Sur-colombia; Huila, Colombia; 12-15 November 2014.
  • “Water Security:  A Perspective from Israel” &  “Improved Irrigation for Sustainable Yield Increase – Important Points to Remember”; World Bank International Meeting of Experts – Washington DC  Water Week – March 2017
  •  “Multiphase Tracking of N-Speciation Dynamics in Greenhouse and Laboratory Experiments to Improve Evaluation & Management of Enhanced Efficiency N-fertilization”; Key-Note at Int. Conference on Slow & Controlled-Release and Stabilized Fertilizers (SCRSFs);  +  “Improved Prediction of Nitrogen  Mineralization Rates by Fluorescence Spectroscopy“; Key-Note at – 17th New Ag International Conference; both delivered in Dublin Ireland;  March 2019;


Invited Series of Lectures (recent)

  • Series of lectures to students and academic staff of Lovely Professional University, Jalandhar, India (Match 2012); main topics: a. Use of reclaimed wastewater in Israel;  b. Water research activity at Technion-IIT;
  • Series of lectures to students and academic staff of Northwest A&F University, Yangling (XIAN), Shaanxi, China, on “ Efficient Use of Water and Wastewater in Agriculture”, 1-8th September, 2013.
  • Lecture for special course – “Water scarcity, solutions, and trade-offs” the School of Public Policy and Urban Affairs’ at Northeastern University, Boston, 5th February, 2014. Consultant as Moderator for the Global Programs Unit – Water Global Practice, (World Bank): 10-17 October 2015.


Organization of Conferences / Workshops/special events (recent, selected):