David Yankelevsky

, Emer. Prof
Professor Emeritus

Structures Response to Impact and Blast Protective structures Earthquake Engineering Earthquake Preparedness Mechanics of Reinforced Concrete Damage and Failure of Concrete Structures Soil Structure Interaction

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Dr. David Yankelevsky is Professor of Structural Engineering at the Faculty of Civil and environmental engineering, and is the incumbent of the ATS Staff Chair in Engineering.

David Yankelevsky has earned his B.Sc. (Cum Laude) degree in Civil Engineering (in 1969) and his M.Sc. (in 1971) and D.Sc. (in 1979) degrees in Structural Engineering, from the Technion.

He joined the Faculty of Civil and Environmental engineering in 1980 after several years of R&D service with the Corps of engineers.

He has been teaching numerous courses in structural engineering, including: Engineering Mechanics, Strength of Materials, advanced Strength of Materials, Structural Analysis, Introduction to Engineering Design, Foundation engineering, Protective Structures, Soil Structure Interaction and Structures on Elastic Foundation.

During the years he has been a visiting Professor and a visiting scientist on sabbatical leave at Texas A&M university- USA, at Delft University of Technology- The Netherlands, at University of British Columbia- Vancouver, Canada, and at the University of Toronto-Ontario, Canada.

He has served Technion and Faculty committees for senior faculty promotion and tenure, and Faculty and Departmental committees for development, and for graduate studies. He had chaired a Faculty committee for a new teaching curriculum in Construction engineering.

Since 1998 he is Head of the National Building Research Institute (NBRI), Technion. NBRI is a Technion research institute that is jointly managed and funded by Technion and the Israeli Ministry of Construction and Housing. NBRI conducts research, and provides support at a national scale, assists in solution of complex and multidisciplinary problems, failure investigations, and operates through Governmental resolution a unit for evaluating and assessing of new building.

He is also Head of the recently established Interdisciplinary Research Center for Extreme Loads and Catastrophic Events, Faculty of CE&E, Technion.

He had been member of several forensic engineering investigation committees of major structural collapses.

He has been member of numerous professional committees in Israel (including standards committees) and abroad (including ACI committees). He has served on numerous Israeli national committees (including the Home Front Command steering team tank, the National steering Committee for Earthquake Preparedness etc.)

After the major collapse of the Versaille wedding Hall, he was appointed by the Government to chair the National Engineering ‘Pal-Kal’ Headquarters.

He is Israel’s National delegate to the International Association of Earthquake Engineering (IAEE) and past member of the board of the International Council for Research and Innovation in Building and Construction (CIB).

Through his management duties Dr David Yankelevsky actively participated in meetings of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Committees for State Audit, for Interior Affairs, for Earthquake Preparedness and for Science and Technology, and in the Ministerial Committee for Earthquake Preparedness.

He was chair of several International symposia and workshops and was member of the organizing and scientific board of numerous conferences.

He is member of several professional societies, and is Fellow of the American Concrete Institute (ACI) and Fellow o the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE).

He has refereed numerous papers for international journals: (ASCE, ACI, Int. Journal of Impact Engineering, Int. Journal of Solids and Structures, Engineering Structures, Computers and Structures etc)

He is member of the editorial board of 3 international journals:

  •  International Journal of Impact Engineering
  •  Engineering Structures
  •  International Journal of Protective Structures).

His research interests include Structures response to extreme loads (earthquake, impact and blast), modeling of mechanical behavior of reinforced concrete, high performance concrete, structural damage and failure of structural systems and soil-structure interaction.

In these areas he is currently conducting research on masonry infill walls under in plane non monotonic loading, on damage assessment of a large population of existing buildings due to a strong EQ, on the impact response of HSC, on blast in a confined room, on blast response of highway bridges, and on underground explosions in the proximity of buried structures.

David Yankelevsky has been continuously involved in funded research and maintains a research group supported by various sources (government, industry, competitive sources).

He has supervised 19 M.Sc. and Ph.D. students and 3 postdoctoral fellows.

He has published about 200 papers in International professional journals and in international conferences and symposia proceedings. He Published 95 research reports, Wrote 2 books, several book chapters and edited 3 symposia and workshop proceedings.