October seminar

Friday, 01/10/2021 13:00
Ran Soffer


High density of urban construction and high demand of land, especially in industrial and commercial centers, lead to overlap and integration of complex urban structures in space. Current urbanization causes an acute need for multifaceted land management systems that satisfy the current and future demands in land policy on the one hand and urban advanced planning on the other. This thesis aims to bridge the existing gaps and investigates the theoretical, conceptual, and technical aspects required to formalize multi-dimensional, multi-purpose land management systems. The thesis outlines the functionalities, processes, ethical values, and models required for implementation in these systems to allow the sharing of valuable and timely geo-data provided by diverse stakeholders, to support aware decision-making, and to reduce constitutional and jurisdictional delays when initiating new projects. The thesis demonstrates – through case studies and experiments – how these aspects are necessary for the proper governance of land rights, restrictions, and responsibilities regarding procedural transparency and productive collaboration between different authorities, stakeholders, and citizens.