Civil Engineering: Water Engineering

B.Sc. in Civil Engineering – Water Engineering

B.Sc study track in Civil Engineering (specialization in water engineering)

The Civil Engineering track for engineers focuses on civil infrastructure. The program provides comprehensive training that includes studies in the fields of construction and management, transportation, and water resources, with the option to specialize in one of two areas: Transportation Engineering or Water Engineering. The studies in this track provide a broad and fundamental knowledge base and allow for registration and licensing as a Civil Engineer, Transportation Engineer, or Water Engineer, depending on the specialization chosen by the student. The specialization area must be selected by the end of the third semester of studies.

The water sector in the country is currently undergoing significant changes in terms of planning and operation of the national water resources. Graduates of the Water Engineering track are the engineers leading the change in the planning, development, and implementation of water infrastructure in the country. There is a high demand for water engineers with creative and deep thinking to tackle new challenges while developing future technologies. The field of water eagerly awaits talented engineers with vision and broad, in-depth insight.

The water engineering track proposed by the Technion has been specially designed to meet the burning needs of the water sector
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