Vegetation canopy evapotranspiration in turbulent wind flow

Tuesday, 23/02/2021 13:30
Civil and Environmental Engineering
Ran Soffer



The effects of theinteractions between the turbulent atmospheric flow and the agriculture fieldson the vegetative canopy evapotranspiration (ET) are still largely unknown andexperimental studies are only few. In this study, these effects will be studiedexperimentally. In particular, we will examine the turbulent flow interactionswith heterogeneous agriculture fields and their effect on the momentum, heat,and humidity fluxes, governing the canopy ET rate. To simulate these effects, acorn canopy model, based on leaf area index (LAI) will be constructed in a windtunnel to represent agriculture fields. The model will allow measurements ofthe turbulent boundary layer (BL) characteristics and identification of thesecondary flow properties. Our main measurement tool will be a combination ofstereo-PIV and hot-wire anemometry. Additional experiments with direct waterevaporation measurements are planned, using temperature, heat flux and humiditysensors.