Uri Shavit

Uri Shavit
Associate Professor
Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering Technion - Israel Institute of Technology Haifa 32000, Israel

Academic Degrees

1987 -  B.Sc. Technion-IIT
1990 -  M.Sc. Technion-IIT
1994 - Ph.D. Carnegie Mellon University (CMU)


Current Courses

Physics of porous medium,
Introduction to flow, transport and pollution in soils,
Introduction to Hydraulics and Hydrology,
Irrigation Engineering 1,
Turbulence - a reading club


Current Graduate Students

Sharon Moltchanov: Momentum and mass transfer above and through porous regions
Tomer Duman: Flow and Particle transport at porous media interfaces
Ravid Rosenzweig: The effect of biofilms on the hydraulic properties of unsaturated soils


Hannah Bardin: The Role of Soil Drying on the Use of Oxygen Isotopes in Groundwater Research
Shushanna Kington: An Examination of the Isotope Pairing Techniques Using Numerical Simulations of Nitrogen Processes in Sediments