Environmental Engineering

The environment today is one of the primary focuses of public interest throughout the world as well as in Israel.

The profession “environmental engineering” deals with technologies for the reduction of pollution and the prevention of a deterioration in the quality of the human environment: the oceans, the air and the ground.

“Environmental quality” is a field that deals with the reciprocal relations between man and his natural environment or the one that he has created by himself.

Among the sciences that provide knowledge or solutions for this field are: ecology, atmospheric sciences, earth sciences, chemical engineering, water engineering and more.


Study topics include

  • Control and prevention of air pollution, recycling, treatment and disposal of urban and industrial waste
  • Utilization and preservation of above ground and subterranean water resources
  • Design and function of water pipes, drainage systems and sewage systems, and water channeling/quality and water treatment, urban and industrial sewage treatment
  • Coastal water quality and marine environment quality, revitalizing polluted ground and subterranean water

Degrees Offered

The following list presents and reflects as far as possible what appears in detail in the Technion catalogue. The exact list of required supplementary courses and the full details are provided in the updated catalogue of the Irwin Jacob Graduate School of Studies.


Master of Science in Environmental Engineering

Master of Science in Quality Sciences

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Environmental Engineering)

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy


Affiliated research institutes and centers

The Center of Research in Environmental and Water Resources Engineering.

The National Center for Research in Coastal and Marine Engineering- CAMERI

The Center of Research in Agricultural Engineering

Grand Water Research Institute – WRI

Additional Information

The Division of Environmental, Water and Agricultural Engineering

Graduate Studies

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