Dean’s Message

Dean’s Message

Civil and environmental engineering has undergone a significant transformation in recent decades, from an area that focuses on planning and building infrastructure to an area that addresses diverse issues of quality of life, safety, and security, as well as ecological and environmental issues. Sustainability has become a major motivator in this field. These changes brought new scientific and technological developments and created needs for the education and training of human capital, engineers, and researchers.

The interface between society, the technological infrastructure, and the environment is an essential pillar in the economic growth, sustainability, and quality of life of the population. The same interface is a key factor in reducing social disparities. The networking of the state with appropriate infrastructure could change back of the concept of the periphery and help  transform the State of Israel into one social fabric.

The Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering at the Technion is a gateway to a world of doing and research that begins with the training of excellent engineering, scientific and research human capital. Our faculty has a distinct advantage over other departments in academia in the country as it is multidisciplinary. This advantage is a lever and a basis for creating additional added value for the faculty, for attracting outstanding students to its ranks, for undergraduate studies and especially for postgraduate degrees, while integrating with research.

The advantage of the faculty is also an opportunity in the changing world in the field of construction and infrastructure in general, and in Israel in particular, at a time when the scope of activities in the field of infrastructure is growing. I invite you to be part of the leading engineers in the economy who will face many challenges in vital areas of life.

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