Transportation Engineering

Transportation and road engineering and transportation sciences deal with the range of knowledge needed to plan, set up, maintain and manage efficient and safe transportation systems and the understanding of the interaction of these types of systems with urban and environmental systems

This is an interdisciplinary science that combines engineering elements such as design and operation of roads, junctions and interchanges, design of Pavements and study of traffic flow characteristics, urban planning and geography, economics and statistics, productivity studies, advanced technologies and psychology.

Students specialize in different areas that include: structure of Pavements, road design, traffic engineering, transportation planning, transportation economics, public transportation, air transportation, transportation systems management, intelligent transportation systems, safety, driver and passenger behavior and policies.

Graduates of transportation and road engineering and transportation sciences can easily fit into a range of positions in public companies (e.g., PWD, Ministry of Transport, Ayalon Highways, various municipalities) and in private companies involved in planning and putting together transportation projects with broad engineering visions and challenges.

The financial scope of these projects is usually quite significant and the projects constitute part of leading engineering-transportation systems.


Degrees Offered

The following list presents and reflects as far as possible what appears in detail in the Technion catalogue. The exact list of required supplementary courses and the full details are provided in the updated catalogue of the Irwin Jacob Graduate School of Studies.


Master of Science in Transportation Sciences

Master of Science in Civil Engineering (Transportation and Highways Engineering

Master of Engineering in Civil Engineering (Transportation and Highways Engineering

PhD – Doctor of Philosophy


Affiliated research institutes and centers

Transportation Research Institute


Additional Information

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