Water Engineering

3B.Sc. in Civil Engineering – Water Engineering

For the first time in history, economists and environmental experts agree that in the next few years, water will be the main resource world-wide, as crude oil has been in the past. As of today, two billion residents in the global community have no immediate access to water sources.  The forecast shows that in the near future more then a third of the world population will suffer from water shortage. The urban environment is expanding and over-crowded, whereas the outlying areas (periphery) is less crowded. The municipal, regional, and country-wide infrastructure systems require new thinking schemes, new research and development technologies, and also the upgrading of present methods in order to assure continuing development of mankind environment, agriculture and industry.

The degree in Water Engineering involves fields in which Israeli technology achieved a leading place world-wide. Graduate students in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental  Engineering at the Technion, founded and have activated renowned projects for many years, such as The National Water Carrier, purified effluents  cycle for irrigation, i.e. “Ha-Shafdan” in Central Israel and The Kishon Concern in the North, and desalination of sea water.

The water industry in Israel is one of the most advanced and complex systems in the world. This has been realized in many projects that are carried out in Israel and in many other countries. The water industry in Israel has made an important  turn in direction in planning the national water resources. The yearly development program of the water industry is based on the construction of more desalination plants, to turn Israel into the center of regional water supply in which its assistance in solutions to the water shortage problems will be employed also to our neighboring countries.

Due to this anticipated expeditious development, there is a need for expert and quality personnel recruitment in order to safeguard and continue the technological advantage that exists in the water technology fields.

Water Engineering is a field in the technological front, which is based on the scientific foundation in the mathematical, physics, chemical, biological, and computer science fields. The water engineer employs in his work the best of high-tech technology, such as advanced sensor systems, collecting and processing signals, optical systems and computerized systems. This is a multidisciplinary subject, interesting, dynamic, and it has a tremendous potential for those who find themselves utilizing this subject.

The Technion has recruited itself to the national mission of training technological personnel on a high standard and therefore we have established the degree in the Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering, as Water Resources and Environmental Engineering, a 4-year study track.

The complex attributes of the projects in Water Resources and Environmental Engineering produces a need for engineers with wide professional foresights, motivation and open-mind. They must be theoretically equipped in engineering and technology, economy, planning and management. They must develop talent and tools for leadership and team work, accepting responsibility and obligation for quality and perfection, creativity and innovativeness in solving complex problems.

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