Mapping & Geographic Information Systems

18B.Sc. and B.A. in Geo-information

Mapping and geo-information are taught in the Technion in the framework of two study tracks: a four-year BSc and a three-year BA.

The study programs in these tracks are considered among the most advanced in the world and they prepare students to cope successfully with mapping and geo-information in the Information Technology Era.

The four-year BSc track in mapping and geo-information has six study clusters:

  1. Technion basic science and engineering courses
  2. Faculty basic civil engineering courses
  3. Track required courses: The foundations of the field of mapping and geo-information
  4. Specialization chain in the field of mapping and spatial information (for photos for mapping needs, digital surface models, geographic information systems etc.) or alternatively, a specialization chain in the field of geodetic and engineering measurement (control networks, GPS measurements etc.)
  5. Elective courses from a broad variety of courses in the area of mapping and geo-information, computer science, civil and environmental engineering and town planning (marine mapping, remote sensoring, systems planning, graph theory, regional planning etc.)
  6. Free elective courses.

The three-year BSc track in mapping and geo-information:
The three-year track is similar in structure to the four-year track; however, students only need to accumulate 120 academic points. Graduates of this track do not receive an engineering degree.

Teaching and Research

Teaching and research in the Mapping and Geo-information Unit deal with information received from ground, air and satellite systems, and with information extraction using computer processing methods. The areas include:

  • Photogammetry and remote sensoring:
  • Remote sensoring
  • Laser systems
  • Analytical (and short range) photogammetry
  • Digital photogammetry

Mapping and GIS

  • Computerized mapping
  • Marine mapping
  • Geographic information systems (GIS)
  • Chromatography


  • Navigation systems (INS and GPS)
  • Engineering measurement
  • High geodesy
  • Satellite geodesy


  • Land information systems (LIS)
  • Cadastral measurements


Public sector

  • Government institutions and authorities
  • Municipalities and local councils
  • Infrastructure companies
  • Land administration authorities
  • The Israel Mapping Center
  • Defense organizations

Private sector

  • Civil engineering firms
  • Mapping and measurement firms

IT industries

  • Software companies
  • Hi-tech companies (product and hardware development for the mapping and measurement fields(
  • Navigation technologies (cars, plans, shipping and leisure)

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